Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday Night June 5th, 7 PM
Come hear Broadway tunes 
in support of 
Sibling House
Meadowbrook Church, Redmond, WA
Suggested donation $16.00

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Broadway Tunes and Helping Kids June 5th

"a network of homes where siblings can live together, as family while in foster care"

As an outgoing board member of Redmond Chorale, I can say that one of my favorite tasks as “President” has been learning about other non-profits in the Greater Eastside area. Recently I sat down with the founders of Sibling House, Michael and Lynne Gaskill, and was so inspired by what they do!

In the early nineties, as foster parents, they realized that there was a need within the foster care system in Washington State to provide support and resources for foster parents who wanted to take on the challenge of taking in siblings.   In looking around at the resources available to support these families, they realized that there was a gap.  Thus Sibling House was born in 1997. 

What is Sibling House?  It is a network of 293 foster families that are willing to take in siblings.  This network shares resources to provide basic needs of the foster children in their care.  Sometimes it financial.  Many times it is basic practical needs.  Sometimes it is newer foster parents needing the guidance and support of those who have the experience.  Sometimes it is the support of having a special event or get together.

As Redmond Chorale has supported many non-profits over the years, one of my favorite questions to ask is, “What will our modest concert proceeds gift of $500.00 do for your organization.”  

For Sibling House the response was:

  •         Provide a bunk bed and dresser for a new foster family
  •     Provide gift cards for teens in foster care to buy their own clothes  —frequently when kids enter the system due to some traumatic event in their lives, they come into their new home with the clothes on their backs.  A gift card to Old Navy helps teens to be able to pick their own clothes and feel good about themselves in their school settings.
  •          Help pay for training for foster parents
  •         Buy new tires for a foster parent’s car so that they can continue to provide transportation
  •        Help pay the expenses of a yearly holiday party where each child of a    foster family is given a gift of their very own.

The list goes on, but these stick out in my mind.

For more information about Sibling House, please visit their website at siblinghouse.org.

 And come join me at our Summer Concert where we will be featuring Broadway Hits.  From Rodgers and Hammerstein classics to songs of modern hits such as Rent and Wicked.  Fun for the whole family! Proceeds to benefit Sibling House.

Sunday night, June 5th 7 pm  Meadowbrook Church in Redmond,WA

Tickets $16.00 for adults


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Come Join the Fun
and Support Your Favorite Choir

Two opportunities to check out
 Redmond Chorale's Spring Concert

1) Sunday March 20th, 2 pm, Meadowbrook Church, Redmond, WA

2) Sunday March 20th, 7:30pm, Redmond Senior Center, Redmond, WA 

Tickets available at the door or at www.BrownPaperTickets.com

Featuring Tess Altiveros & Ryan Bede, soloists

Bach (Again): Come Sweet Death, by JS Bach, arr. Sandberg
Requiem Op. 9, by Maurice Duruflé; Tess Altiveros and Ryan Bede, soloists
Make Our Garden Grow, by Leonard Bernstein
Unclouded Day, by Shawn Kirchner
Ain't Got Time to Die, by Hall Johnson

Proceeds benefit "Havens Community Connections" which supports the unique needs of women in higher socio-economic brackets fighting domestic abuse

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Join Redmond Chorale for their Holiday Concert featuring the Vivaldi "Gloria" and Glorias from around the world. This family friendly holiday concert is a wonderful way to usher in the season of excitement and wonder. Proceeds benefit Cancer Lifeline, benefiting those fighting cancer and loved ones who fight alongside them. Meadowbrook Church, Redmond, WA at 1:30pm

 Second showing: 12/6, 7pm, at Lake Washington High School.

To reserve a seat ahead of time and obtain a ticket go to Brown Paper Tickets:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Saturday, September 26th, 2015
Meadowbrook Church, Redmond, WA

Redmond Chorale Talent Show 
Silent Auction
  • Enjoy an afternoon of entertainment
  • Win items at the Silent Auction
  • See a variety of acts by Chorale Members and Friends

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Three More Weeks until We Start to Sing

Dr. Hughes directs Community Sing of Vivaldi's Gloria at Folk Life Festival 2015

We got a taste of one of this December's concert selections when we sang portions of Vivaldi's Gloria at this summer's Folk Life Festival at Seattle Center. About a 100 or so members of the community gave up their driver's licenses for an hour in exchange for the loan of music, to have a taste of singing this all time choir favorite together! 

If you would like the opportunity to sing this piece with The Redmond Chorale this December, rehearsals start on September 7th, 7 pm, at Meadowbrook Church in Redmond, WA. See previous post for details!

Also, save the date of September 26th for 
Redmond Chorale's Talent Show and Auction!